I am In The People Business


I am in the people business Lately I have been struggling with what I do, and describing it to the people I meet. It has been a large source of stress for me because if I cant categorize what I do, how will others identify? But I have recently realized that isn’t the case, if I can confine myself to a box and label it life coaching or energy work but it really takes value away from what I really do. I am in the people business, but more importantly I am in the business of helping others grow their potential. My life coaching skills and energy medicine techniques are the tools I use but no longer let them limit what


March 2014 Newsletter

Online Booking Now Available   Mike and I are always trying to find ways of making your experience at Essence of Health as stress free and convenient as possible. Which is why we are introducing online booking.  As most of you know we don’t have a receptionist and a lot of your calls go straight to voice mail, which is why we are now offering you another option of booking online.  From March 1 – May 1 we will doing a soft launch just to see if this option will work for us. Just follow the link below to book or visit our website. Once you have booked you will receive an email confirmation. Cancellations are accepted through online booking