Making Amends


I don’t believe that the hardest words to say are “I love you”, but “I’m sorry”. In order to be truly sorry for our words or our actions we must completely let go of ego and the self righteousness surrounding the given situation. I have written about forgiveness in my blog posts before but I now want to address the other side of it. I am at a point in my life where I realize that I need to repair the damage I have caused and make amends or move on. Saying “I’m sorry”, like giving forgiveness, is all about freedom. Freedom of ego, of our perception of the circumstances, and of any emotions surrounding it. When we say “I’m


Unconditional Love and Expectations


This blog post is inspired by all of you that are teaching me about unconditional love For those of you that really know me as a friend or as a practitioner or both, know that I am big on self growth. With this blog post I want to share with you what I have been working on in the past 6 months. Unconditional love, not just for others but for myself as well because that is where it needs to begin. This hasn’t been an easy task, it never is and I must admit that I still struggle every day with it, but I believe that I am starting to fall in love with myself for the first time in