March 2014 Newsletter

Online Booking Now Available   Mike and I are always trying to find ways of making your experience at Essence of Health as stress free and convenient as possible. Which is why we are introducing online booking.  As most of you know we don’t have a receptionist and a lot of your calls go straight to voice mail, which is why we are now offering you another option of booking online.  From March 1 – May 1 we will doing a soft launch just to see if this option will work for us. Just follow the link below to book or visit our website. Once you have booked you will receive an email confirmation. Cancellations are accepted through online booking


What I Have Learned About Love


Compared to some, being with someone for 12 years and married for almost 6 isn’t long but I wanted to share with you some insights I have learned about love along the way. Love Changes Or rather how the way love is shown, changes. I remember the dating stage with my husband and even the early years of our marriage. How he would bring me flowers on his way home from work, come to say goodnight as I was going to bed, or even, call during the day just to say I love you. You know, the romantic stuff. But over the years these acts of love have dwindled and for a time I was worried that we were losing


Year In Review – 2013

We are coming up to our second year in business, and as always we want to thank all of you that has made this a reality for us. We are growing in ways we never thought possible. Accunect Accunect is becoming more of a possibility for those that are looking to heal on all levels, not just the physical. Both Mike and I have taken the Accunect Share program this year, which has allowed us to teach and expand our business in so many wonderful ways. Mike has also been asked to become an Accunect instructor which will allow him to travel Canada wide teaching others this wonderful modality. Referral Program This is the first full year our referral program


Ask And You Shall Recieve – Toronto Women’s Expo


I believe that with everything in life, if it is meant to be it will be easy. Doors should open if the direction you are taking is right. Mike and I  have known for a while that we need to begin to find venues outside of the clinic in order to widen the circle of those that know about Accunect. We are so passionate about this line of work that we want to tell as many people as possible. But like a lot of small business owners we were a little inexperienced with our advertising, and unsure of how to put ourselves out there to promote what we do. Until we can across an ad looking for venders to participate


Does Being Judgemental Cause Us To Become Less Compassionate?


Judge not lest ye be judged, isn’t this that the bible tells us? Yet how hard is this little rule of thumb to follow. We judge others on what they wear, how they behave, and on their differences, but the person we judge most is ourselves isn’t it? But where does compassion fall into place with all of this? How can you have a solid balance of the two? I don’t believe you can, I think that there is a possibility that the more judgement all you are the less compassionate you become. Judgement is a learned behaviour, a way of thinking that has been instilled in us at a very young age. It stems from a deep belief that


How A Moment In Time Can Change Your Life


If you had told me at age 16 that I would have a good relationship with my father, I would never have believed you. I think we all have felt this way at some point in time, and maybe not with just our fathers, maybe with our mothers or perhaps both. It’s strange how one small moment in time can can change all that in an instant. Old grievances just don’t seem as important, anger that has been held onto can be let go. At the age of 27 I received a call from my mom saying that dad was going in for a quadruple bi-pass and that I might want to meet her at the hospital. It was at


6 Tips To Help Reduce Your Reaction To Seasonal Allergies


Lets face it, those that have allergies dread this time of year; the constant runny nose and eyes, scratchy throat, and cold like symptoms. So here are a few tips that might make allergy season a little more tolerable. Try to avoid being outside for long periods of time especially between the hours of 5am and 10am, as well as in the early afternoon and evening. This is when the pollen count is at its highest. Shower after you are outside to wash off anything that has stuck to you or your clothing that may cause a reaction Get a good quality air purifyer Cut back on foods that can increase inflammation within the body (dairy products and refined sugar


Oil Pulling – Does It Work?


Have you ever heard of oil pulling? Neither had I until a client brought it up during a session last week. Oil pulling is an ancient aryuvetic treatment that “pulls” out bacteria in the mouth and surrounding areas by swishing with oil 2-3 times a day. What this does is encourage the increase in enzymes in the mouth that in turn draw harmful bacteria away from the sinuses, mouth and other areas. It is said that oil pulling can decrease congestion in the sinuses and the lungs, encourage lymphatic drainage, whiten the teeth, and decrease the bacteria in the mouth. I thought that I might give this a try to see if it really makes a difference. From what I


Is It Better To Give Than Receive?


Giving and receiving should go hand in hand, there should be some sort of balance with the two. For most of us though we consider ourselves one or the other. Either we are the type to drop what we are doing in order to help others no matter the cost or we take without being willing or able to return the favor. In truth we should be able to do both, and in being able to do both when the situation calls for it will help us to become healthier and happier. Givers are the mothers, the health care workers, the teachers and all of those that selflessly give of themselves with out concern of getting anything in return. Our


Perfectly Alright With Being Imperfect

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection” ~ George Orwell Why are we so hard on ourselves for being imperfect? As a society we have set such high standards for ourselves and have had such high standards set for us, that half the time we can’t see how unattainable they are. This happens in all aspects of life: You see it in the business man that works long after his children have gone to bed just to finish the projects given to him. You see it in the teenager that compares herself to super models, vowing that she will get plastic surgery as soon as she is 18. You see it in the student that

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