What Do I Need Today?


The one thing that I am finding difficult about this self discovery process is figuring out on a day to day basis what I need. And not what I need to do, but what I actually need for the day, these are two totally separate things. But before I could even begin to answer this question, I had to rediscover myself, and let me tell you it is an ongoing process. Please understand that I am writing this blog post for both men and women that read it but believe women in general, have the tendency to self-abandon to take care of others before themselves. Truth is yes, we do need to put ourselves first because if we care for


Unconditional Love and Expectations


This blog post is inspired by all of you that are teaching me about unconditional love For those of you that really know me as a friend or as a practitioner or both, know that I am big on self growth. With this blog post I want to share with you what I have been working on in the past 6 months. Unconditional love, not just for others but for myself as well because that is where it needs to begin. This hasn’t been an easy task, it never is and I must admit that I still struggle every day with it, but I believe that I am starting to fall in love with myself for the first time in


The Human Connection


The Human Connection I wanted to get started on this next blog post while last night is still fresh in my mind. Last night Mike and I went to a USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) concert and had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Buchholz and Jason Parsons, the two men behind the music. As we sat and talked to Ashley about energy medicine, spirituality, and the search for the truth within ourselves, I realized the importance of human connection. But not any human connection,the connection with those that share the same ideas and beliefs. The people that lift you up, the people that empower you and push you to become better within who you are. USS is all about the struggle of life’s journey as well


Patience and Letting Go


I tend to write my blog posts and articles about things that are going on in my own life, things I know my readers can identify with. These days for me it is all about patience and letting go. For things to unfold in our lives, sometimes it takes stepping away from the situation and having a little bit of faith that everything will work out as planned, and in its own time. This is where the patience comes in, something I am not good at at all. But from past experiences I realize that the more I try to make things happen the slower they unfold, and more impatient I get, and so on… The root of all of this is the inability to surrender,


I am In The People Business


I am in the people business Lately I have been struggling with what I do, and describing it to the people I meet. It has been a large source of stress for me because if I cant categorize what I do, how will others identify? But I have recently realized that isn’t the case, if I can confine myself to a box and label it life coaching or energy work but it really takes value away from what I really do. I am in the people business, but more importantly I am in the business of helping others grow their potential. My life coaching skills and energy medicine techniques are the tools I use but no longer let them limit what


What I Have Learned About Love


Compared to some, being with someone for 12 years and married for almost 6 isn’t long but I wanted to share with you some insights I have learned about love along the way. Love Changes Or rather how the way love is shown, changes. I remember the dating stage with my husband and even the early years of our marriage. How he would bring me flowers on his way home from work, come to say goodnight as I was going to bed, or even, call during the day just to say I love you. You know, the romantic stuff. But over the years these acts of love have dwindled and for a time I was worried that we were losing


Ask And You Shall Recieve – Toronto Women’s Expo


I believe that with everything in life, if it is meant to be it will be easy. Doors should open if the direction you are taking is right. Mike and I  have known for a while that we need to begin to find venues outside of the clinic in order to widen the circle of those that know about Accunect. We are so passionate about this line of work that we want to tell as many people as possible. But like a lot of small business owners we were a little inexperienced with our advertising, and unsure of how to put ourselves out there to promote what we do. Until we can across an ad looking for venders to participate


Does Being Judgemental Cause Us To Become Less Compassionate?


Judge not lest ye be judged, isn’t this that the bible tells us? Yet how hard is this little rule of thumb to follow. We judge others on what they wear, how they behave, and on their differences, but the person we judge most is ourselves isn’t it? But where does compassion fall into place with all of this? How can you have a solid balance of the two? I don’t believe you can, I think that there is a possibility that the more judgement all you are the less compassionate you become. Judgement is a learned behaviour, a way of thinking that has been instilled in us at a very young age. It stems from a deep belief that


How A Moment In Time Can Change Your Life


If you had told me at age 16 that I would have a good relationship with my father, I would never have believed you. I think we all have felt this way at some point in time, and maybe not with just our fathers, maybe with our mothers or perhaps both. It’s strange how one small moment in time can can change all that in an instant. Old grievances just don’t seem as important, anger that has been held onto can be let go. At the age of 27 I received a call from my mom saying that dad was going in for a quadruple bi-pass and that I might want to meet her at the hospital. It was at


6 Tips To Help Reduce Your Reaction To Seasonal Allergies


Lets face it, those that have allergies dread this time of year; the constant runny nose and eyes, scratchy throat, and cold like symptoms. So here are a few tips that might make allergy season a little more tolerable. Try to avoid being outside for long periods of time especially between the hours of 5am and 10am, as well as in the early afternoon and evening. This is when the pollen count is at its highest. Shower after you are outside to wash off anything that has stuck to you or your clothing that may cause a reaction Get a good quality air purifyer Cut back on foods that can increase inflammation within the body (dairy products and refined sugar

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