Christmas: The Season For Giving

Every where I look people are preparing for christmas. The lights shine bright from each house as the sun begins to set, and the malls fill up with shoppers looking for that perfect gift for family members. It is such a joyous occasion, for most. Thousands of dollars spent per family each year, and each year the spirit of giving seems to become more and more lost. For me, I find it so difficult to write out a christmas list for items that I don’t even need when there are so many people lacking at this time of year. Spending some of my childhood in Ontario Housing you witness people in need all around you. We wore second-hand clothes and


Overcoming Your Fears


I am 33 years old and just got my drivers license for the first time just yesterday. Most people laugh at me when I say this as if I am telling a joke, but it’s true. The next question I get is why did you wait so long? My usual response was, I would much rather sit on a bus and read my book than worry about traffic. I repeated this so often I started to believe it myself. Deep down I knew I was lying, the real reason I has waited so long was fear. Fear is so prevalent in our daily lives that it has become second nature. We are unable to identify it when it rears its


Forgiveness And The Art Of Letting Go


I once heard a quote from a client of mine that hit a deep chord within me. “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I believe it was Buddha that said this. It was at this point I began to realize the pain I was causing myself by holding onto past anger. For all I knew, these people didn’t even know I was angry at them, and most likely didn’t care. So what was the point, and how do I get rid of it? It took a very long time, and a lot of soul-searching but here is what I came up


The Value Of Female Friendship


I once thought the more friends I had determined how popular I was, and in truth I wasn’t very popular at all. I look back and realize quantity was more important than quality, and didn’t choose my friendships wisely. We all want to fit in don’t we? Whether we are 13 or 30, friendships play a huge role in our lives, especially female friendships. But it is tough, and if I am to be totally honest, women can be catty, critical, and judgemental and it is difficult to find those that we can can along with. But when we do we need nurture and protect these friendships and help them grow. Speaking from experience, I know just how precious female


Steps To Self Growth And Development

Many of us are on a path of self growth and development, but the road laid out for us is not easy. The journey may be a little bumpy at times, but the end result is rewarding. It means digging deep to find out who you really are, finding those activities that inspire you, getting rid of past harboured emotions. Growth and development means all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The first and most important step is finding out who you truly are. As human beings, we tend to lose ourselves in relationships, in our jobs, in life. What is it that motivates you? What are your passionate about? Sometimes these questions are difficult to answer right away and


Where the Mind Goes, the Body Follows

I believe it is human nature to hang onto hurts or conditions that we feel define who we are. It is never, ” I am arthritic” but “I have arthritis.” Claiming it like it is part of us. Some of us wear them like jewelry and take them out to show them off every chance we get. We talk about the same issues time and again with with whom ever will listen. This is where the problem lies. Where the brain lies the body follows and by making these claims, reinstates the the belief of “this is who I am”. This is the reason why so many people remain sick even after extended treatment. So how do we break this


Keep Pain Free While Raking Leaves


As the months turn cooler and the leaves fall from the trees, few of us think twice about pulling out the rake and cleaning up the lawn. Truth is, too many injuries happen at this time of year due to poor posture while raking or even from the lack of warming up before hand. Raking is just like any other exercise, and proper precautions should be taken. In my line of work I have seen so many come in for a massage because of back and neck pain which has occurred during raking the lawn or shoveling snow. There are a few things that can help prevent injury while working outside this season. Many of us go out several times



On November 13, 2012 we will be welcoming Lynn Schott R.N. back to Essence Of Health for the day as she will be providing her Thermography services. Thermography, unlike Mammography is an easy non-evasive test that is radiation and pain free. Instead of the uncomfortable squeezing, a camera system is used that is sensitive to infrared images. These images are able to pick up changes in the breast tissue down to the cellular level, which are visible as temperature variations. Your test is then analyzed by professionals and usually your results are available within 24 – 48 hours. Because of the sensitivity of this method of treatment, temperature variations may be among the earliest signs of breast cancer or precancerous cells.

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