Having Faith


It is easy to say “have faith” especially when times are good, but what about when times are bad? For some of us, our faith goes right out the window when life becomes too chaotic, when things don’t go our way, or when we don’t get what we want immediately. This is the ultimate test in faith. To hold onto the belief that everything will turn our alright in the end. Sometimes, when we ask God/The Universe for something and don’t get it we need to realize that this may not be a “no” but a “not right now”. As humans we all want the quick fix, the instant gratification, but the true test of faith is in the waiting.


Making Amends


I don’t believe that the hardest words to say are “I love you”, but “I’m sorry”. In order to be truly sorry for our words or our actions we must completely let go of ego and the self righteousness surrounding the given situation. I have written about forgiveness in my blog posts before but I now want to address the other side of it. I am at a point in my life where I realize that I need to repair the damage I have caused and make amends or move on. Saying “I’m sorry”, like giving forgiveness, is all about freedom. Freedom of ego, of our perception of the circumstances, and of any emotions surrounding it. When we say “I’m


Speaking Your Truth


As most of you know, I tend to write about my own experiences in hopes that the lessons I am learning will help someone else. These past few months it has been about speaking my truth and living in integrity. I have never been the type to go headlong in to conflict, I don’t believe any of us naturally gravitate towards it. I never was able to say what I need to say with out the fear of judgement, ridicule, or rejection. And I believe that the root cause of it is the fear of being vulnerable, especially when the outcome is unknown. Speaking your truth to me, not only means freedom, but it means that I am allowing my


Fathers Teach Your Sons

Fathers teach your sons how to treat the people in their lives with respect, and not bully when they don’t get their own way. Teach them that it is alright to be vulnerable, and not to shut down in the face of conflict. Teach them to address their own anger, and not take it out on others. Teach them to be kind and gentle with those they love and to lead by the example they set in their own relationships. Encourage your sons to pursue what makes them happy, for it will show in all aspects of their lives. Fathers teach your sons to stand up for what they believe in when they are under attack. Teach them integrity, loyalty,


A Salute To My Mother


The book by Robert Munch, I’ll Love You Forever used to be one of my favorites as a child but found it a little silly as I grew older. I mean for all of us that have been read this book or have read it to our children the thought of the man cured up on his mother’s lap seemed a little far fetched. And then I got it. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in life your mother is always your mother, and you will always need her no matter what age you are. I know there have been times in my adult life where all I have wanted to do is curl up


March 2014 Newsletter

Online Booking Now Available   Mike and I are always trying to find ways of making your experience at Essence of Health as stress free and convenient as possible. Which is why we are introducing online booking.  As most of you know we don’t have a receptionist and a lot of your calls go straight to voice mail, which is why we are now offering you another option of booking online.  From March 1 – May 1 we will doing a soft launch just to see if this option will work for us. Just follow the link below to book or visit our website. Once you have booked you will receive an email confirmation. Cancellations are accepted through online booking


Year In Review – 2013

We are coming up to our second year in business, and as always we want to thank all of you that has made this a reality for us. We are growing in ways we never thought possible. Accunect Accunect is becoming more of a possibility for those that are looking to heal on all levels, not just the physical. Both Mike and I have taken the Accunect Share program this year, which has allowed us to teach and expand our business in so many wonderful ways. Mike has also been asked to become an Accunect instructor which will allow him to travel Canada wide teaching others this wonderful modality. Referral Program This is the first full year our referral program