It’s Not Your Path


This article is inspired by client of mine. Most of us have heard the words “my path” or “my journey”, this is describing the experiences we all go through in life but more specifically the lessons we have learned along the way. For some of us, this path is as smooth as asphalt with some minor potholes, but for others it may seem as rough going as a hiking trail with fallen trees blocking its path. For each and every one of us this path looks completely different depending on the lessons we need to learn. Sometimes when the going gets tough it is so easy to look outside of ourselves for a distraction. Other peoples problems, hardships, or lessons


Accunect™ Self Care Workshop


Accunect™ is a simple but powerful technique that facilitates the body’s own ability to heal. In today’s fast paced world, stress is a major factor in most of our lives. Stress is the leading cause of illness today, but if we could find a way to decrease or even eliminate this physical, emotional, and mental stress we could become healthier individuals on all levels. The Accunect™ Self Care workshop is a introduction to the philosophy and energy of the Accunect system, and a short easy routine to be used for general health improvement and well-being. Whether you or your family members are facing personal health challenges, or you just want to be at your best. Self Care is a valuable


7 Tips To Maintaining A Healthy And Happy Relationship


There are numerous books and articles written about relationships because most relationships need help in one way or another. Not a one can be considered perfect. Don’t get me wrong,I can’t say that I have the perfect relationship, but being in bad ones has taught me what works and what doesn’t. All couples go through rough patches and all couples fight but here are a few tips that may help make your relationship healthier and happier. 1. The number one thing that builds a strong relationship is trust, and trust stems from honesty. Everyone has their little secrets, and that OK, but don’t lie about the big things. Here is a simple rule to follow: I you are some where,


6 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues / Foter / CC BY By the middle to end of February, most of us start to get stir crazy, and are waiting impatiently for the warmer weather that spring brings. Here are few ideas to that may hold you over until you shed the winter jackets and replace them with short sleeve shirts. 1. As cold as it seems some days, it is common to feel fatigued and worn out due to lack of sunlight this time of year. Vitamin D is so important and is directly associated with your mood. Try to get out for a short walk a couple of time s a week if you can. 2. Most of us want to hibernate during this


Don’t Let Shame Predict What You Think You Deserve


Most of us can look back on our lives and can find one or two situations that have caused us shame. Cheating in a relationship, backstabbing a friend, and lying are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Depending on the severity of the circumstance, this shame can stay with us our entire lives and can predict our successes and our failures. Whether we know it or not, this shame or guilt is that little voice in the back of our minds telling us we are not worth it, not good enough. It is from this negative way of thinking that we sub-consciously start dictating what we believe we deserve, depending on the level


7 Tips To Help You Be Happier At Work


Let’s face it, it seems like most of the population gets up every morning and prepares themselves for a job they don’t enjoy. There are very few people that can say they love what they do, so what about the rest? Believe it or not there are 7 little tips that can help you be happier at work. Start each day with a positive attitude Despite what happened yesterday or the day before that, walk into work with a positive attitude. Realize that each day can be a day filled with new opportunities and chances to learn if you are open to them. Not only will your co-workers see the difference in you, your boss might as well. Changing the


Referral Incentive Program

We love referrals

The referral incentive program was introduced in our Decembers newsletter but for those of you that missed it, here are the details. We will be drawing names at the end of each quarter and awarding prizes for those that refer friends and family. The next name will be drawn June 30 and this quarters prize are cleaning products from Melaleuca. We try to use only natural products within our clinic, and have had many comments on the handsoap in the bathroom (yes it is included in the package!) For each person you refer to the clinic your name will be entered into the draw to win. The more people you refer, the greater your chances of winning! Upon your next


Christmas: The Season For Giving

Every where I look people are preparing for christmas. The lights shine bright from each house as the sun begins to set, and the malls fill up with shoppers looking for that perfect gift for family members. It is such a joyous occasion, for most. Thousands of dollars spent per family each year, and each year the spirit of giving seems to become more and more lost. For me, I find it so difficult to write out a christmas list for items that I don’t even need when there are so many people lacking at this time of year. Spending some of my childhood in Ontario Housing you witness people in need all around you. We wore second-hand clothes and


Overcoming Your Fears


I am 33 years old and just got my drivers license for the first time just yesterday. Most people laugh at me when I say this as if I am telling a joke, but it’s true. The next question I get is why did you wait so long? My usual response was, I would much rather sit on a bus and read my book than worry about traffic. I repeated this so often I started to believe it myself. Deep down I knew I was lying, the real reason I has waited so long was fear. Fear is so prevalent in our daily lives that it has become second nature. We are unable to identify it when it rears its

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