“Negative” Emotions used in a Positive Way


Many people think that some emotions such as anger, fear, grief, worry and and sadness are negative and we must try to our best to avoid them. In truth, every emotion, positive or negative are good for us to a certain degree. Anger is our motivator, it gets us moving. It is what makes us decide to leave our current jobs, our relationships, to change our situation for the better. But too much anger, or anger that is not expressed becomes explosive. In my generation, children were told to be good, be quiet, be calm. We were never encouraged to express our anger in a healthy way. Which is why so many of us bottle it up and we become sick because of


Letting It Go

I find that this topic comes up a lot in my bodytalk sessions which is why I wanted to write about it today. I find that most of my clients, and myself, have a hard time letting go of the past. I think we all do. Here is what I tell them. Holding on to the past, forever keeps you where you are right now in life. It is a way for us to stop our growth, our progression. Whether because of fear or the unwillingness to let go of the past, of things said or done that have hurt us. Without truly letting go, we can never take that step forward to find new relationships, job promotions, or whatever