7 Tips To Help You Be Happier At Work


Let’s face it, it seems like most of the population gets up every morning and prepares themselves for a job they don’t enjoy. There are very few people that can say they love what they do, so what about the rest? Believe it or not there are 7 little tips that can help you be happier at work. Start each day with a positive attitude Despite what happened yesterday or the day before that, walk into work with a positive attitude. Realize that each day can be a day filled with new opportunities and chances to learn if you are open to them. Not only will your co-workers see the difference in you, your boss might as well. Changing the


The Importance of Gratitude

  Gratitude will open doors for us that we didn’t even know were possible. If we are genuine in our thanks, and happy with what we have we will be rewarded. It is said that the action of being grateful is the most powerful action there is. It keeps you present to the moment, now wanting for what we don’t have or lingering after what we had in the past. To me, being grateful means knowing that I will be provided for exactly what I need and and being thankful for just that.  I walk into our clinic each day, most days earlier than I need to be just to sit at the desk and take in everything that has been given