Holistic Treatment


Think of the last time you cut your finger. You cleaned your wound, perhaps covered it with a plaster and then let your body take care of the rest. An automatic process we’re so accustomed to, we rarely ponder how amazing it actually is. Even more fascinating is the regeneration our bodies are capable of. The liver, the kidney, fingertips, and toes are among the organs and appendages scientifically proven to have the ability regrow after injury and ongoing research reveals more organs possess this ability than we realized. Though remarkable, this complex process is fragile and easily disrupted. Undue stress drains your body of the vital resources it needs to heal itself. Accunect uses muscle checking to find the root cause of a condition, allowing your therapist to stimulate the brain and central nervous system with gentle tapping, restoring the balance so the body can yet again heal as nature intended.


It is our goal to assist our clients in their own personal paths to health and wellness. What people are looking for, are options. We gladly provide information on alternative therapies to give our clientele a say in their own treatments. We recognize that everyone is unique and strive to find those therapies that work for them as an individual.

Prices start at $55.00 for
a 30 minute massage
Please contact us for further pricing