Being Present In The Moment

Life has become so busy. Long hours at work, rushing home to make dinner, spending time with the family and then opening up the laptop to finish off the days work. Dropping into bed totally exhausted knowing that we have to do it all again tomorrow. When did we stop being present in the moment? Not looking to the past and regretting the mistakes we have made, and not looking to the future striving for something that always seems just out of reach. How can we even begin to find joy if we are always focused on what was or what will be. Joy is found by being present in the moment. Embracing what life has presented us, instead of


The Importance of Gratitude

  Gratitude will open doors for us that we didn’t even know were possible. If we are genuine in our thanks, and happy with what we have we will be rewarded. It is said that the action of being grateful is the most powerful action there is. It keeps you present to the moment, now wanting for what we don’t have or lingering after what we had in the past. To me, being grateful means knowing that I will be provided for exactly what I need and and being thankful for just that.  I walk into our clinic each day, most days earlier than I need to be just to sit at the desk and take in everything that has been given


Life Is An Echo

Someone posted this on facebook and I wanted to share it. Life Is An Echo What you send out, comes back What you sow, you reap What you give, you get What you see in others, exists in you Remember life is an echo It always gets back to you.  

Lessons For A Healthy Work Environment

In the nine years I have worked as a massage therapist, I have had the opportunity to experience all sorts of spa and clinic environments. I think that the one thing these places all had in common was that I learned a lesson or two from each and every one of them, most of which can be transferred outside of a healthcare setting. The places I have worked have helped shaped who I am as a person and as an employee. I have been pushed to my limits ethically, professionally, and physically and thanks to all of these places I now know what I can and can’t tolerate. I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of each place of employment


Stouffville Strawberry Festival

Join Rita Mustafa at the Hearty Artichoke Health Food Store booth on June 30th as she promotes her book Wheat Free, Dairy Free Recipes. She will be available to answer your questions about diet and nutrition as well as food sensitivity and allergy testing.  Gluten free samples will also be available. Rita Mustafa is also a trained Acupuncturist and specializes in digestive disorders. She works part time for Essence Of Health and is available for bookings Tues/Thurs 2:30pm – 8:00pm and Fri mornings from 10:00am – 3:00pm. Please call us to book your appointment today!

Free Workshop!

Food Sensitivity and Weight Gain June 21, 2012 7:00pm – 8:00pm If you have had troubles losing weight even though you eat healthy and exercise on a daily basis, the problem might run deeper. Inflammation due to a food sensitivity may be the  contributing factor to your fluid retention and weight gain. Join Rita as she discusses the issue of food sensitivities, and how to test for them, as well as how to eliminate inflammation naturally. Please call or email us to save a place for you, space is limited. (905) 554-6905  

Benefit from your Benefits

Most people when asked have no idea what their benefits consist of and yet they are paying into it from month to month. I encourage all of you to have a good look at what you are entitled to. Most plans cover Massage Therapy and Acupuncture, and some even cover other modalities such as Physiotherapy. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to find those treatments that work for you. Sometimes you will get the most benefit from combining treatments. I also find that it helps to spread your benefits out and make them last longer throughout the year. My personal preference is massage therapy coupled with acupuncture, but everyone is unique and most find that combination that works


Life’s hard questions

Why do bad things happen to good people? A wise woman once said to me “what is the point in going through the pain in life if we don’t turn around and use our experiences to help others?” I constantly have to remind myself of this when I am going through pain of my own, and encourage my BodyTalk clients to do the same. We have all been dealt different cards in life, no worse or better than others, but remember that with everything we experience there is a lesson to be learned. Change your perspective of these events and use your experiences to help and comfort others. Why do bad things happen to good people? It is the good


Letting It Go

I find that this topic comes up a lot in my bodytalk sessions which is why I wanted to write about it today. I find that most of my clients, and myself, have a hard time letting go of the past. I think we all do. Here is what I tell them. Holding on to the past, forever keeps you where you are right now in life. It is a way for us to stop our growth, our progression. Whether because of fear or the unwillingness to let go of the past, of things said or done that have hurt us. Without truly letting go, we can never take that step forward to find new relationships, job promotions, or whatever


Balancing Allergies with BodyTalk

We have all experienced allergies of one form or another in our lifetime; it could have been in the form of hives, sneezing, headaches, itching or even digestive distress. With using The BodyTalk System, we have found that we can decrease or even eliminate these stresses so that you no longer react like you once did. The BodyTalk System is able to identify all of the factors involved; physical, emotional and even genetic and balance the energy of the client’s body to that of the energy of the allergy. Bodytalk is able to bring about a more non-reactive relationship between the client and the problem substance, and remain to this day allergy free. Please call us if you have any questions,

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