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From Victim to Victor

This is the most recent book I have read, written by my very own mother. I must say I am so proud of her. It is a book about healing the scars from childhood sexual abuse, her journey into a five year depression, and her healing along the way. Being a Christian herself, the book is largely based on the bible readings she has found that have helped her heal.

I know my mother, though all she has been through, has held onto her faith and I truly believe this is what go her to where she is now. She once said to me “What is the point of going through the trama if you don’t turn around and use your experiences to help others”  This is exactly what she has done. As tough as it must have been for her to tell her story, she has turned her experiences in life around so that she might help others in the same situation. So that they may find peace as well.

Sometimes it is easier knowing you are not alone and that there is hope of recovery. This book tells the story of one woman’s healing journey through the power of her faith and the bible verses that assisted in her recovery.

The book is called:

From Victim to Victor by Grace Gayle

It is available at any Chapters or Indigo bookstore. To visit her website directly please go to: