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I used to believe that it was the amount of friends you had, that made you popular, it meant that you were well liked. It was a good feeling wasn’t it? Even though I was never popular in high school, in fact I was considered part of the “weird” crowd I was always surrounded by my friends.

Now, I find as as I grow older, my views on friendship has changed quite a bit. In fact I view friendships the same way I do relationships. It is all part and parcel of the same thing. I have quite a few less friends as I did but, the ones I have lift me up, encourage me to be the best I can, and and call me out when I am being less than true to myself. I do the same for them. This is what real friendship is. It’s not how many you have but the quality that counts. It’s knowing that they will have your back though good and bad times. A good friendship is always give and take.

Choose your friendships wisely. Surround yourself with like minded people, people who are supportive, kind, and trustworthy, and be a good friend in return. Listen when it is needed, laugh often, and be supportive.

Choose your friends wisely.