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Mike and I are always excited to share our knowledge and experiences with our clientele.  This past weekend we took an energy medicine course called Accunect, and were both blown away by the power of this treatment. I first want to say how impressed we were with our teacher Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich, the founder of Accunect. He is passionate about his work in energy medicine and teaches from the heart.

We found that Accunect was similar to The BodyTalk System in that it works by finding the areas that are ready to shift now. And the shifts (changes) in the body can be felt immediately. Accunect is based on ancient  acupuncture theory, quantum physics, and the the connections between the body, mind, spirit, and universal consciousness. It works by promoting health and lasting change on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Health is our natural state of being, and stress breaks down the body’s own natural ability to heal its self and can lead to acute and chronic pain and diseases. Accunect identifies and addresses the causes of stress and works to shift or change how we deal and react to it. Therefore decreasing and or eliminating pain caused by stress.

Accunect is so easy to learn, and we were able to tie it in with our existing practice Monday morning. We are both so excited to be sharing this with our clientele and love to support those modalities that inspire change within us.

Accunect is currently working towards training people to teach a half day workshop. A few simple Accunect techniques will be taught that can be used on friends and family members.  Please stay connected for more information.

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