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Where the Mind Goes, the Body Follows

I believe it is human nature to hang onto hurts or conditions that we feel define who we are. It is never, ” I am arthritic” but “I have arthritis.” Claiming it like it is part of us. Some of us wear them like jewelry and take them out to show them off every chance we get. We talk about the same issues time and again with with whom ever will listen. This is where the problem lies. Where the brain lies the body follows and by making these claims, reinstates the the belief of “this is who I am”. This is the reason why so many people remain sick even after extended treatment.
So how do we break this cycle? The answer lies in letting go. Letting go of who we think we are, letting go of what we think defines us. And most importantly, letting go of the past hurt.
I know people who have been in therapy for years, myself being one, and I found that I truly didn’t start feeling better until I let go of the past and was ready to move on. Some of us just aren’t ready to let go.
Letting go means freedom, freedom from pain, illusion, and attachment to who we think we are. Sounds scary doesn’t it?
This is why most of us find it incredibly difficult to do. But if we can just see the light at the end of the tunnel or even if imagine what life would be like pain free it gives us a little glimmer hope that things can change.

Where the mind goes the body follows.