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Christmas: The Season For Giving

Every where I look people are preparing for christmas. The lights shine bright from each house as the sun begins to set, and the malls fill up with shoppers looking for that perfect gift for family members. It is such a joyous occasion, for most. Thousands of dollars spent per family each year, and each year the spirit of giving seems to become more and more lost. For me, I find it so difficult to write out a christmas list for items that I don’t even need when there are so many people lacking at this time of year.

Spending some of my childhood in Ontario Housing you witness people in need all around you. We wore second-hand clothes and relied on Salvation Army to help us though on more that one holiday season. It was hard to admit that we needed help, and I know there was a small mount of shame where my parents were concerned not being able to provide us with what other children had. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. As an adult I am able to look back to where I came from and find the true meaning of Christmas. It brings me more joy to donate my money to someone in need than to buy presents for friends and family.

Christmas is about giving, but I believe that the meaning behind it has become a little lost when we overspend each holiday season. I encourage all of you that are reading this to think about what the season of giving means to you. One great place to start is in your own community, ask at your church, community centre, or schools about how you can help. Bring the spirit of giving back to the Christmas season.