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7 Tips To Maintaining A Healthy And Happy Relationship

There are numerous books and articles written about relationships because most relationships need help in one way or another. Not a one can be considered perfect. Don’t get me wrong,I can’t say that I have the perfect relationship, but being in bad ones has taught me what works and what doesn’t. All couples go through rough patches and all couples fight but here are a few tips that may help make your relationship healthier and happier.

1. The number one thing that builds a strong relationship is trust, and trust stems from honesty. Everyone has their little secrets, and that OK, but don’t lie about the big things. Here is a simple rule to follow: I you are some where, with someone, talking about something that may cause problems if your partner was in the room, perhaps it’s not a great idea.

2. Pick your battles, not every little thing is worth fighting over. There will always be something that bothers you about your partner but nit-picking can lead to fights. There is a reason we have the saying “Don’t seat the small stuff”

3. Communication is so important. We get so busy in our own lives that we forget to take the time to talk. Even a simple “How was your day?” can brighten a mood and let your partner know that you care.

4. Pick a night every few weeks and go out with your partner, without the kids. Alone time gives you the chance to reconnect, gives you time to talk without the kids screaming or the t.v blaring in the back ground. Maintaining a health relationship takes work and time, it needs to be fed in order to grow and flourish.

5. Take time apart as well. It’s OK to spend a weekend away from each other every now and again, it gives you time to miss and be missed.

6. Show affection. I’m not talking about graphic public displays of affection but sometimes just a comforting hand on a shoulder can be enough. Everybody wants to know they are loved and even though you might not be into all the touchy feeley stuff you would be surprised at how much you can say with a single touch.

7. Say thank-you, and say it often. Saying thank-you lets your partner know you appreciate him/her. It could be for a job you have asked them to do, or just for being your support on a bad day.

Every relationship is unique, with different obstacles to overcome and different personalities, the key is not to compare yours with anyone else. Even though these tips may be just a guideline, all relationships have one thing in common, all require time and effort in order to grow.

Melissa Borgh, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

Photo credit: Millzero Photography / Foter / CC BY-SA