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Accunect™ Self Care Workshop

Accunect™ is a simple but powerful technique that facilitates the body’s own ability to heal. In today’s fast paced world, stress is a major factor in most of our lives. Stress is the leading cause of illness today, but if we could find a way to decrease or even eliminate this physical, emotional, and mental stress we could become healthier individuals on all levels.

The Accunect™ Self Care workshop is a introduction to the philosophy and energy of the Accunect system, and a short easy routine to be used for general health improvement and well-being.

Whether you or your family members are facing personal health challenges, or you just want to be at your best. Self Care is a valuable tool for promoting health and wellness.

You will learn:

  • The 8 principles of healing with Accunect
  • A 3 minute routine for balancing your energy for better health
  • A technique for dealing with emergency situations

You will also receive information on the Accunect System and what sessions are like, and what issues it can address in your life.




” Wow! What a sensational, transformative, learning experience! Mike engaged us in the Accunect experience and empowered us to use the self care for balancing our own lives and assisting our family, friends, and even pets! Who knew? I plan to use this with my family and my grade 6 students!”
S.S – Markham, ON

“This course was very well presented. I can hardly wait to get home and share this with my family. In this short session, I already felt “shifts” and releasing of areas of pain.”
D.M – Ajax, ON

“This was my first introduction to Accunect and I am very excited to learn more and move on to a full session. I will be going home to share this with my husband.”
S.T – Mount Albert, ON

“Wow! Mike is an excellent teacher. He has a very easy delivery and presented a very enjoyable class. Thank You!”
C.V – Oshawa, ON

“This course was very well taught, and I would recommend it for everyone!”
R.V – Oshawa, ON