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It’s Not Your Path

This article is inspired by client of mine.

Most of us have heard the words “my path” or “my journey”, this is describing the experiences we all go through in life but more specifically the lessons we have learned along the way. For some of us, this path is as smooth as asphalt with some minor potholes, but for others it may seem as rough going as a hiking trail with fallen trees blocking its path. For each and every one of us this path looks completely different depending on the lessons we need to learn.

Sometimes when the going gets tough it is so easy to look outside of ourselves for a distraction. Other peoples problems, hardships, or lessons suddenly become our concern and we become more involved than we should. We start to worry about their problems and what they are going through so that we don’t have to take a look inward and take care of our own obstacles.

Judgement also comes into play when we get ourselves into these situations, it is also a distraction from looking inward. It is said that we tend to dislike that in others that we dislike in ourselves. If you find your self being judgmental, have the courage to ask yourself why this affects you so much?

Keep your sights on your own journey. This is not to say that you shouldn’t be concerned about those around you but be aware of how emotionally involved you become and for what reasons. Evaluate where you are in your own life, and what you are going through at these times. Perhaps you are using others problems to avoid your own. Whether your path is an asphalt road or a rough hiking trail, keeps your sights on the horizon and continue moving forward.

Melissa Borgh, EzineArticles.com Basic Author


Photo credit: paul bica / Foter / CC BY