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Does Being Judgemental Cause Us To Become Less Compassionate?

Judge not lest ye be judged, isn’t this that the bible tells us? Yet how hard is this little rule of thumb to follow. We judge others on what they wear, how they behave, and on their differences, but the person we judge most is ourselves isn’t it? But where does compassion fall into place with all of this? How can you have a solid balance of the two? I don’t believe you can, I think that there is a possibility that the more judgement all you are the less compassionate you become.

Judgement is a learned behaviour, a way of thinking that has been instilled in us at a very young age. It stems from a deep belief that we are not good enough and therefore have to bring down others in order to feel good about ourselves. IT is so hard to remember sometimes that everyone has their own journey, their own struggles, you don’t know what they have been through that has made them this way. Who are we to judge with or without this information? It is just another way of limiting our connection with others.

Webster’s dictionary defines compassion as a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. I don’t necessarily believe that we need to feel like we need to alleviate distress to have compassion but certainly our judgement is no help. Compassion comes in all forms: it’s being patient in a line while the mother ahead of you struggles with young children, it’s helping an elderly or disabled person with everyday activities, or even being kind to yourself when you’ve made a mistake instead of beating yourself up for it. Sometimes compassion for one’s self is the biggest challenge of all.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian AcLaren

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