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I am In The People Business

I am in the people business

Lately I have been struggling with what I do, and describing it to the people I meet. It has been a large source of stress for me because if I cant categorize what I do, how will others identify? But I have recently realized that isn’t the case, if I can confine myself to a box and label it life coaching or energy work but it really takes value away from what I really do.

I am in the people business, but more importantly I am in the business of helping others grow their potential. My life coaching skills and energy medicine techniques are the tools I use but no longer let them limit what I am capable of providing my clients.

Everyday I witness miracles within those I work with. Just seeing the change within them and the light that has been turned in their eyes, keeps me coming in day after day.

I am in the business of cultivating human potential.