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Patience and Letting Go

I tend to write my blog posts and articles about things that are going on in my own life, things I know my readers can identify with. These days for me it is all about patience and letting go. For things to unfold in our lives, sometimes it takes stepping away from the situation and having a little bit of faith that everything will work out as planned, and in its own time.
This is where the patience comes in, something I am not good at at all. But from past experiences I realize that the more I try to make things happen the slower they unfold, and more impatient I get, and so on… The root of all of this is the inability to surrender, to let go of control, for the more we try to control a situation the less control we have.
If you get only get thing out of this article, I hope that it is this. Know that no matter where you are in life, you will always be provided for and supported. Have faith that everything will work its self out. We tend to have an idea in our head as to how our lives should look, which doesn’t allow us to see new possibilities unfolding right before our eyes. Let go of your idea of a perfect life, be patient and know that what can be offered to you is greater then you could ever imagine.

photo credit: Nutmeg Designs via photopin cc