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The Human Connection

The Human Connection

I wanted to get started on this next blog post while last night is still fresh in my mind. Last night Mike and I went to a USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) concert and had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Buchholz and Jason Parsons, the two men behind the music. As we sat and talked to Ashley about energy medicine, spirituality, and the search for the truth within ourselves, I realized the importance of human connection. But not any human connection,the connection with those that share the same ideas and beliefs. The people that lift you up, the people that empower you and push you to become better within who you are. USS is all about the struggle of life’s journey as well as the rewards waiting along the way, they are about human connection.
 It is so easy to seclude ourselves to avoid that connection with others, but we all do it, myself included. Saying things like I am too tired to go out, or I would much rather spend my time reading than socializing, those were my excuses. Sound familiar at all?
I encourage all of your to reach out to those that you have a real connection with, participate in their lives, uphold that bond that brings you together. Because it doesn’t matter who you are, we all need that human connection.
“We’re all the same blood
Built in the same frame
Stuck in the same mud
Cheating at the same game


  We’re all the same nerve
Feeling the same pain

Stuck in the same curve
Rushing through the same vein”

 Nepal~Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

photo credit: P-J-TRASH via photopin cc