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Speaking Your Truth

As most of you know, I tend to write about my own experiences in hopes that the lessons I am learning will help someone else. These past few months it has been about speaking my truth and living in integrity. I have never been the type to go headlong in to conflict, I don’t believe any of us naturally gravitate towards it. I never was able to say what I need to say with out the fear of judgement, ridicule, or rejection. And I believe that the root cause of it is the fear of being vulnerable, especially when the outcome is unknown.

Speaking your truth to me, not only means freedom, but it means that I am allowing my true self to come forward, to say what I feel needs to be said at the time. To speak my feelings without expectation of a certain response and letting go of control of any given situation.
But there is a flip side to all of this. In speaking your truth, you must also be open and receptive to others that speak their truth as well. Sometimes what is said hurts but if spoken with love and integrity, the receiver hopefully will realize it was said to help them grow. This is a hard lesson to learn as well, because our first response is to get defensive and even self righteous believe me I have been there. And sometimes we have to remind ourselves where and from whom this message is coming from.
So before speaking your truth, take a step back for a second and evaluate where it is coming from.  Because speaking your truth and living in integrity can only be manufactured from a place of love and total honesty with self.