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Having Faith

It is easy to say “have faith” especially when times are good, but what about when times are bad? For some of us, our faith goes right out the window when life becomes too chaotic, when things don’t go our way, or when we don’t get what we want immediately. This is the ultimate test in faith. To hold onto the belief that everything will turn our alright in the end.

Sometimes, when we ask God/The Universe for something and don’t get it we need to realize that this may not be a “no” but a “not right now”. As humans we all want the quick fix, the instant gratification, but the true test of faith is in the waiting. Knowing that we will get what we’ve asked for if it is in our highest good. And unfortunately, we are not experts in this area, trust me I know. I would love to win the lottery but know that it would distract me from my path, my mission in life.

Here is the secret in knowing and having faith particularly in the waiting process. Look for the signs, they will be everywhere. Doors will open for you if you are meant to have what you’ve asked for. But what God/The Universe is asking you, is to have faith in knowing that all will be revealed in time. These signs are telling you that you are on the right path, keep going! It is when doors slam shut or don’t open at all is when we need to ask ourselves if what we’ve asked for is in our highest good. We may be asked to re-evaluate where we are in life and if we are truly honoring our journey. But when you get these signs, (and there re different for everyone and every situation) don’t look back. Have faith that you are on the right path and being divinely guided.

But we are our own worst enemy aren’t we? We are creatures that love to self-sabotage, wallow in fear and doubt, and question whether or not we are worthy of what comes our way. Think of it this way, the more we stay in trust, faith, and integrity the closer we come to what it is we want. Fear and doubt move us further away.

Our lack of faith can also happen after we have gotten what we have waited so long for. We fear that it will be taken away from us. This is just another test of faith. Please know that God/The Universe is not setting you up to fail and know that even after being given what you’ve asked for, you will be fully supported, especially if it encourages growth and is for our highest good. For nothing is given that isn’t ultimately in out best interest.

Have faith in life’s process. You will never be given anything that will harm your growth, even circumstances that feel too heavy to bear can be used as stepping stones along your journey. Have faith in the dark times as well, for this is the ultimate test, and guaranteed that you will be rewarded when the clouds disperse.