Sweet Potato Quesadillas

    My Favorite non-meat recipe:   Olive Oil 4 green onions sliced, white and green parts divided 1 Celery Stalk sliced 1 Large Sweet Potato Diced 1/2 a can of Black Beans Salt and Pepper to taste 1/2 tsp Cumin 1/4 tsp Chilli  Power 1 Red Pepper 1 Jalapeno minced Tortillas Grated Cheese Sour Cream   Heat oil and cook white parts of the onion, celery sweet potato, beans pepper, jalapeno, and spices until sweet potato is tender Remove from heat and stir in the rest of the onion Arrange mixture on the tortilla and sprinkle with cheese Fold and grill on medium heat. Serve with sour cream   Enjoy!!        

I am Stronger…

As a teenager I used to wish my life was “normal” I would have given my two front teeth for “normal”. Truth is, I had a very hard childhood and wanted nothing more than to be like other children. To have no worries other than whether mom and dad would let me go out and play with my friends. It used to make me angry and I blamed them at the time, not fully understanding the situation. This anger followed my well into my twenties until I decided to deal with it. Now I want anything but normal. to me normal is boring. You don’t learn from normal.  I realize that the tough times I went though as a teenager



I used to believe that it was the amount of friends you had, that made you popular, it meant that you were well liked. It was a good feeling wasn’t it? Even though I was never popular in high school, in fact I was considered part of the “weird” crowd I was always surrounded by my friends. Now, I find as as I grow older, my views on friendship has changed quite a bit. In fact I view friendships the same way I do relationships. It is all part and parcel of the same thing. I have quite a few less friends as I did but, the ones I have lift me up, encourage me to be the best I can, and and call me out when I am


“Negative” Emotions used in a Positive Way

Many people think that some emotions such as anger, fear, grief, worry and and sadness are negative and we must try to our best to avoid them. In truth, every emotion, positive or negative are good for us to a certain degree. Anger is our motivator, it gets us moving. It is what makes us decide to leave our current jobs, our relationships, to change our situation for the better. But too much anger, or anger that is not expressed becomes explosive. In my generation, children were told to be good, be quiet, be calm. We were never encouraged to express our anger in a healthy way. Which is why so many of us bottle it up and we become sick because of


Thermography Info Night

July 31, 2012 6:00pm – 7:00pm Thermography, unlike Mammography is an easy non-evasive test that is radiation and pain free. Instead of the uncomfortable squeezing, a camera system is used that is sensitive to infrared images. These images are able to pick up changes in the breast tissue down to the cellular level, which are visible as temperature variations. Thermography is not only used as an alternative to Mammography but can be used for diagnosis and prognosis as well. Join Lynn Schott on July 31, 2012 as she provides information on Thermography, it’s uses, benefits, and process. Find out if Thermography is the right choice for you! Please call us or email to reserve your spot. Seats are limited! (905)



Thermography  On October 1, 2012 we will be welcoming Lynn Schott R.N.  to Essence Of Health for the day as she will be providing her Thermography services. Thermography, unlike Mammographyis an easy non-evasive test that is radiation and pain free. Instead of the uncomfortable squeezing, a camera system is used that is sensitive to infrared images. These images are able to pick up changes in the breast tissue down to the cellular level, which are visible as temperature variations. Your test is then analyzed by professionals and usually your results are available within 24 – 48 hours. Because of the sensitivity of this method of treatment, temperature variations may be among the earliest signs of breast cancer or precancerous cells. An


From Victim to Victor

This is the most recent book I have read, written by my very own mother. I must say I am so proud of her. It is a book about healing the scars from childhood sexual abuse, her journey into a five year depression, and her healing along the way. Being a Christian herself, the book is largely based on the bible readings she has found that have helped her heal. I know my mother, though all she has been through, has held onto her faith and I truly believe this is what go her to where she is now. She once said to me “What is the point of going through the trama if you don’t turn around and use your experiences


BodyTalk MindScape

It is always a pleasure to share with with our clients the new and exciting courses we will be taking when it comes to our BodyTalk practice. For all of you that know Mike and I, we are always interested furthering our education in order to provide our clients with as many tools as possible for healing. On July 28th and 29th we will be taking a long awaited course called Mindscape. This is a course that helps to enhance our intuitiveness when it comes to our BodyTalk practice. It also involves an aspect of personal development as well. Another possibility Mindscape holds is the ability to do distance sessions more accurately and with stronger links. Which is a service


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

There are so many benefits to pregnancy massage that a new mom can enjoy, as long a you have talked to your doctor to get the go ahead. I have treated women from the time they find out they are pregnant to a day or two before they give birth. What to Expect – First Trimester There are many woman that believe that getting treatment in the first trimester can be harmful to the baby but this isn’t true as long as you go to someone that is trained in pregnancy massage. Always ask when booking your appointment just to be sure. Usually you will still be able to lie on your stomach to receive your massage just like you would normally.


Being Present In The Moment

Life has become so busy. Long hours at work, rushing home to make dinner, spending time with the family and then opening up the laptop to finish off the days work. Dropping into bed totally exhausted knowing that we have to do it all again tomorrow. When did we stop being present in the moment? Not looking to the past and regretting the mistakes we have made, and not looking to the future striving for something that always seems just out of reach. How can we even begin to find joy if we are always focused on what was or what will be. Joy is found by being present in the moment. Embracing what life has presented us, instead of

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