Life Is An Echo

Someone posted this on facebook and I wanted to share it. Life Is An Echo What you send out, comes back What you sow, you reap What you give, you get What you see in others, exists in you Remember life is an echo It always gets back to you.  

Lessons For A Healthy Work Environment

In the nine years I have worked as a massage therapist, I have had the opportunity to experience all sorts of spa and clinic environments. I think that the one thing these places all had in common was that I learned a lesson or two from each and every one of them, most of which can be transferred outside of a healthcare setting. The places I have worked have helped shaped who I am as a person and as an employee. I have been pushed to my limits ethically, professionally, and physically and thanks to all of these places I now know what I can and can’t tolerate. I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of each place of employment


Life’s hard questions

Why do bad things happen to good people? A wise woman once said to me “what is the point in going through the pain in life if we don’t turn around and use our experiences to help others?” I constantly have to remind myself of this when I am going through pain of my own, and encourage my BodyTalk clients to do the same. We have all been dealt different cards in life, no worse or better than others, but remember that with everything we experience there is a lesson to be learned. Change your perspective of these events and use your experiences to help and comfort others. Why do bad things happen to good people? It is the good


The Best of the Best

Our goal at Essence Of Health is to provide all of our clientele with the best possible care. That’s why we have teamed up with other health care providers in the Markham area that have the same dedication to wellness that we do. Here’s who we have so far: Chiropractor-Pam Manning Dc. 253 Church St. Markham, ON (905) 2942904 Physiotherapist – Tony Wu BScPT, HBSc, MCPA Physiobility 277 Main Street North Markham, ON (905) 471-6422 Supplements – Jeff Millett Turquoise Holistic 78 Main Street North Markham, ON (905) 471-9902  

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