Book Your Fall Appointments Now

As we get into the fall, and the busy season at Essence of Health we are encouraging all of our clients to plan ahead and book your appointments for October, November and December. As many of you know the evening and Saturday appointments go quickly during these times, as people are looking to use up their benefits before the end of the year. Book your appointments today!

Benefit from your Benefits

Most people when asked have no idea what their benefits consist of and yet they are paying into it from month to month. I encourage all of you to have a good look at what you are entitled to. Most plans cover Massage Therapy and Acupuncture, and some even cover other modalities such as Physiotherapy. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to find those treatments that work for you. Sometimes you will get the most benefit from combining treatments. I also find that it helps to spread your benefits out and make them last longer throughout the year. My personal preference is massage therapy coupled with acupuncture, but everyone is unique and most find that combination that works