Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

There are so many benefits to pregnancy massage that a new mom can enjoy, as long a you have talked to your doctor to get the go ahead. I have treated women from the time they find out they are pregnant to a day or two before they give birth. What to Expect – First Trimester There are many woman that believe that getting treatment in the first trimester can be harmful to the baby but this isn’t true as long as you go to someone that is trained in pregnancy massage. Always ask when booking your appointment just to be sure. Usually you will still be able to lie on your stomach to receive your massage just like you would normally.


The Best of the Best

Our goal at Essence Of Health is to provide all of our clientele with the best possible care. That’s why we have teamed up with other health care providers in the Markham area that have the same dedication to wellness that we do. Here’s who we have so far: Chiropractor-Pam Manning Dc. 253 Church St. Markham, ON (905) 2942904 Physiotherapist – Tony Wu BScPT, HBSc, MCPA Physiobility 277 Main Street North Markham, ON (905) 471-6422 Supplements – Jeff Millett Turquoise Holistic 78 Main Street North Markham, ON (905) 471-9902