Thank you so much for introducing me to the world of Accunect. The changes that I have experienced are almost too good to be true! I went from feeling stressed and anxious to feeling less afraid and like a weight has been lifted. I have been able to better deal with all worries that in the past blocked me from enjoying life. I have learned to appreciate and value who I am. You have made such a difference in my journey of life. Thank you! Thank you!
R.C – Markham, ON

“Going for a treatment at Essence Of Health in Markham is actually more than the treatment itself. The calm and peaceful environment immediately takes over from the hustle and bustle of life, and I find myself relaxing the moment I walk through the door. The staff are amazing; extremely pleasant and always very warm and welcoming, making me feel totally at home; and after receiving my treatment, I feel relaxed, stress free, and ready to face the world again.
J.S – Markham, Ontario

I had various things to address, such as fascial stretching, circulation, lump in the throat that I had to constantly clear, excessive sweating under my arms. During my Accunect session my throat cleared immediately, I felt a sense of relaxation and peace. My experience with Accunect sessions was fantastic. I could relate to most of the physical-emotional aspects of origin and links that were addressed. Overall I know when my body needs a balancing session and to reset. Accunect helps me get back to myself again.
M.M – Woodbridge, ON


“So far I have had all good experiences with Accunect. I have been able to feel the work quite clearly and can easily feel the energy. The sessions at first didn’t last long but it didn’t take long for my body to adjust. All of the work with Accunect has only had good effects on my body, and I felt a huge difference in my back every time I have had a session. I have also felt lots of things release and am becoming more in tune with myself each time. I have no complaints and am very happy with my progress!”
R.V – Oshawa, Ontario

“I first came in November 2012, for Interstitial Cystitis – a chronic, incurable illness. The pain had reached the point where sometimes simply functioning was difficult, and I couldn’t see any future where I would be able to enjoy my life again .I had explored many alternate treatments, none of which brought much relief. In the past, I had received other forms of energy bodywork, so when I had my first Accunect session, I was quite surprised- and concerned! That I felt nothing at all during the treatment. When I first started Accunect, I was still receiving acupuncture treatments three times a week; however I quickly realized that the only effective acupuncture treatments were the ones that coincided with the Accunect sessions. After two sessions, I stopped the acupuncture, as it had become quite apparent that improvements were solely based on the Accunect work. I had hoped for a 50% pain reduction, and had vowed to be happy with that. 50% came within the first 3-4 sessions at which point I wanted more! It has now been three months, and while there are still good and bad days, I can quite honestly say I have my life back. My initial goal of treatment was to reduce pain. Now, thanks to Accunect, my goals are continued personal and spiritual growth. I look forward to future sessions and will forever be grateful.”
C.V – Oshawa, Ontario