Registered Message Therapy


A new baby on the way adds anticipation and excitement to your life, but there’s a few other symptoms that occur that aren’t as pleasant. As your body prepares for labour, swollen ankles, hot feet, lower back pain, and a general growing discomfort are all part of the package. Pregnancy massage soothes your aches and helps ease your body through each trimester’s changes. Rest assured our services are safe for mom and baby, but as always, check with your obstetrician before booking any appointments during your pregnancy.


It is our goal to assist our clients in their own personal paths to health and wellness. What people are looking for, are options. We gladly provide information on alternative therapies to give our clientele a say in their own treatments. We recognize that everyone is unique and strive to find those therapies that work for them as an individual.

Prices start at $55.00 for
a 30 minute massage
Please contact us for further pricing