Registered Message Therapy


Jump, run, dive, twist! The thrill in pushing your body to its limit cannot be denied. Sometimes though, feeling the burn goes farther than we expected and injury occurs. Sprains, strains, bruises, inflammation, tendonitis…the list goes on of unexpected side effects that can impede your daily life. Home care is often needed to decrease that pain and inflammation as well as loosen your tight muscles. Many people don’t realize sports massage is used to treat all repetitive injuries, whether sports related or not. The only difference is the techniques used in the varying levels of healing.


It is our goal to assist our clients in their own personal paths to health and wellness. What people are looking for, are options. We gladly provide information on alternative therapies to give our clientele a say in their own treatments. We recognize that everyone is unique and strive to find those therapies that work for them as an individual.

Prices start at $55.00 for
a 30 minute massage
Please contact us for further pricing